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The third edition of The Horror Tree's: "Trembling with Fear - More Tales from the Tree" features stories selected from Horror Tree's special calls and Holiday themed calls. The stories range from dark fiction to horror to fantasy and come from all over the world. 

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In the world we live in today, what is more horrific than true life? Seems everyone has a view and a stance. So, what will happen after the kool-aid is gone, when decisions have been made and eyes have been opened?

AFTER THE KOOL-AID IS GONE is a horror anthology comprised of 16 sinister stories from emerging and established writers of the genre that tackle our current unpredictable and scary political climate.


Charles Bukowski will turn 100 this year. We have gathered writers, scholars and graphic artists/photographers from all around the globe in order to celebrate the man Bukowski on the very occasion. Our contributors range from contemporary witnesses/friends of Bukowski (still alive), to emulating artists working in his tradition, scholars who work toward degrees/doctorates on Bukowski to congenial artists esp. in the performing arts who are occupied with the phenomenon of the "poet laureate of skid row" for years. Everybody involved was free to greet Charles Bukowski in his or her own personal way, style and individuality, offering photographs, artwork, essays, poems, fiction, all with a love and appreciation that are both raw and unfiltered. This collaboration aims to blow borders off nations and thus assembles contributions from artists from all continents.



Droves of the rich and beautiful have taken over the small town of Brawley, forcing out the many generations of good-natured, wholesome townspeople. These new, shiny inhabitants seem to have it all, but they soon learn that Botox, silicone, and overpriced European designer lip-gloss can’t always hide or protect them from their own personal monsters.

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"Micheli is reminiscent of a vintage Bret Easton Ellis here, although I dare say even darker..." 

Brandon Tietz, Author of
Good Sex, Great Prayers

 "Micheli is the type of writer who just doesn't fuck around. His writing is so honest and stark, you don't know whether to curl up and cry or punch an old lady, so you do both. Then you go to jail. But it's worth every second."

"Matt Micheli’s writing is very Stephen King meet VC Andrews..."

Reviewer at,

"If you're looking for something dark and deliciously nasty, look no further..."

Bob Pastorella, Author of
Mojo Rising 

H.L. Nelson, Author and Founding Editor of

Cease, Cows Magazine



Matt Micheli is a writer out of New Braunfels, TX. He has several fiction and non-fiction pieces featured in various anthologies and magazines and is a multi-contributor/reviewer/columnist at This Is Horror Magazine. His first novel (no longer in publication) was the 2012 Wildcard winner at the Halloween Book Festival. He is a loving husband and father and spends his days dabbling in domestication and his nights in Tequila.


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Excited to have my story "Halloween Time" included in the "Trembling with Fear: More Tales from the Tree, vol. 3" which is available for pre-order now!

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Two new anthologies on the horizon!

Excited to announce that my story "Lock the Doors" will be a part of the Night Terror series by Scare Street!

Also, my story "The Box" will be a part of the Serious as a Heart Attack anthology put on by Schlock! Publications! I couldn't pass up the opportunity to write a gritty/horrorish clown story!

Details to follow!


Horror Tree's Trembling With Fear Halloween Edition is alive. IT'S ALIVE!

Check out my serial short titled Halloween Time along with several other chosen stories that are sure to make you think twice before opening your door, tonight. You never know who or what is hiding behind those masks:)


In the world we live in today, what is more horrific than true life? Seems everyone has a view and a stance. So, what will happen after the kool-aid is gone, when decisions have been made and eyes have been opened?

Get your copy of After the Kool-Aid is Gone from D&T Publishing, featuring my political horror story The Change along with sixteen other stories from some of the brightest new and established writers of today!

horror book - political book - political horrot anthology


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