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Matt Micheli

Novelist / Short Story Writer / Columnist



"A Halloween Story is a short, spooky thrill-ride that'll leave you leery of any kids in masks for many Halloweens to come!"

A Halloween Story takes you through 3 terrifying intertwining tales of chaos and bloodshed on Halloween Night as monsters, demons, and mask-wearing killers come alive in smalltown suburbia.

Be careful who you open the door for. Some trick-or-treaters may be after more than candy.

Anthology Contributions


When you think of your neighbors, what do you think of? The friendly older couple that wave each day as you return home from work. The guy across the street that is always working in his yard. The lady that walks her dog around your home. What if you found out those people had horrifying secrets? Secrets not meant for the world to know. This book contains 26 stories of neighbors to hope you never encounter. 


The Scare Street train is leaving the station with a new collection of skin-crawling horror. Thirteen tales of nightmares and dark fantasy lurk within its decaying pages. Plenty of reading to occupy your mind, as your train ride to terror begins.

horror book - political book - political horrot anthology

Have you experienced the horrible boss? The crazy coworker? The obsessed client? Sometimes the workplace can be a real horror show. Yet most people head off to work each morning, dreading what the day will bring. Will the office cougher show up today, spewing germs and farting their way around the cubicles? How about that hazmat situation in the office kitchen? Something is starting to go bad, and it may be more than just what’s in the fridge. Unfortunately, you need that paycheck so you’ve got no choice. You could take a sick day. But you’ve already taken too many, and the boss is watching. If you decide not to go in, these twenty-five tales of office horror can keep you company. There is no way you have it as bad as some of the characters in these tales of workplace terror

In the world we live in today, what is more horrific than true life? Seems everyone has a view and a stance. So, what will happen after the kool-aid is gone, when decisions have been made and eyes have been opened?

AFTER THE KOOL-AID IS GONE is a horror anthology comprised of 16 sinister stories from emerging and established writers of the genre that tackle our current unpredictable and scary political climate.


Clowns are funny--right? Hysterical. You might die laughing at their crazy antics. But there's something creepy about those greasepaint faces, those false smiles, those sinister, staring eyes... Who knows what they're thinking? Who knows what they do, when the laughter stops, when the lights go down, when the clowns quit the Big Top and go--where? Back to the trailer? Out on the streets? Or down to the hell they came from?

Who's laughing then?



"The White is a fun one-sitting romp dealing with high-tension family dynamics and the arrival of a freak snowstorm offering more than just a chill."

Mark Towse, Author of Nana and Crows

"Reading The White is like jumping naked into an ice-cold dunk tank filled with razor blades and smashed faces. Micheli's writing is horrifically refreshing." 

Luke Kondor, Founder and co-host of

The Other Stories podcast

"A multi-layered thriller that'll chill your blood faster than a freak blizzard, Matt Micheli's The White proves there are scarier things than being trapped at home with family." 

Jessica McHugh, Bram Stoker & Elgin Award nominated author of A Complex Accident of Life 

 "Micheli is the type of writer who just doesn't fuck around. His writing is so honest and stark, you don't know whether to curl up and cry or punch an old lady, so you do both. Then you go to jail. But it's worth every second."

H.L. Nelson, Author and Founding Editor of

Cease, Cows Magazine

"Matt Micheli’s writing is very Stephen King meet VC Andrews..."

Reviewer at,



Matt Micheli is a writer out of New Braunfels, TX. He has several fiction and non-fiction pieces featured in various magazines and anthologies. He is a loving husband and father and spends his days dabbling in domestication and his nights in Tequila, always searching for the next great story. His new horror novella The White is slated for release in the winter of 2022 by D&T Publishing to be followed by his novella Two Minutes with the Devil which is scheduled for release in the summer of 2023. You can pick up the first of his new Halloween short story series: A Halloween Story wherever scary books are sold. 


Look for his interview series NEW BLOOD: The Rebirth of Indie Horror at The Horror Tree where he has candid conversations with folks making a splash in the indie horror writing world. Nothing is off limits.


News & Events


Check out Matt's ongoing interview series over at The Horror Tree titled NEW BLOOD: The Rebirth of Indie Horror where he gets very candid--maybe too candid--with folks making a splash in the indie horror world. Nothing is off limits.


Contract signed and delivered. My fun horror novella set in the Summer of 1986 "Two Minutes with the Devil" is scheduled for release in the summer of 2023 (July 4th) by D&T Publishing

Keep your eyes closed.


Contract signed and delivered. My juicy little horror novella "The White" is scheduled for release in the winter of 2022 (New Year's Eve) by D&T Publishing

Hell is about to freeze over. Beware the White.


Contract signed and delivered. My juicy little horror novella "The White" is scheduled for release in the winter of 2022 by D&T Publishing

Hell is about to freeze over. Beware the White.


Thrilled for my story "The Call Center" to be chosen by Jolly Horror Press for publication in "Executive Dread", an anthology of office horror!


Two new anthologies on the horizon!

Excited to announce that my story "Lock the Doors" will be a part of the Night Terror series by Scare Street!

Also, my story "The Box" will be a part of the Serious as a Heart Attack anthology put on by Schlock! Publications! I couldn't pass up the opportunity to write a gritty/horrorish clown story!

Details to follow!



For any inquiries, please contact agents Hobbs & Shaw

or simply email Matt directly at the email below:

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