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Abella Jane has taken the adult industry by storm, garnering more downloads than any porn star before her. As the rabid obsessions of the hot new starlet grow and spread, bad things start happening. Marriages fall apart, wildfires destroy peoples' lives, crops suffer, and innocent people are being randomly and brutally murdered in the streets at increasingly alarming rates. Roy, a devoted family man with his own addiction to porn’s hottest starlet, experiences a life-changing tragedy and begins seeing visions which he believes are of the troubled individuals he must recruit to stop the devil who is using porn and its reach to build a demonic, sex-crazed army for the end of days.

With a cast of unlikely heroes and the hottest porn stars around, this supernatural story takes you on a rollercoaster ride full of sex, gore, massive appendages, while never losing sight of the unwavering hope of redemption.

AHS2 - cover.jpg

A Halloween Story is back with three gruesome, intertwining tales that are sure to curdle your blood this All Hallow's Eve. In The Collectors, a big-city investor realizes she got more than she bargained for with the abandoned oddities store she purchased. Happy Wife, Happy Life brings you a devoted husband and a wife whose strange illness has caused some rather grotesque cravings. And finally, three peculiar boys in vintage costumes have a few tricks up their sleeves in Lights Out.

Be careful who you open the door for. Some trick-or-treaters may be after more than candy.




It’s the summer of 86, and school is out in the little Gulf Coast town of Harbor Bluff. Maximum Overdrive is at the cinema, Rampage is all the rage at the arcade, and the only rule from parents is to be home in time for supper. Things couldn’t be simpler or better . . . until kids begin disappearing while playing a children’s game called Two Minutes with the Devil.

This is a story that revolves around a group of friends whose lives go from bikes, treehouses, and first crushes to coming face to face with an unimaginable horror. 

One part Stand by Me, one part Stranger Things, Two Minutes with the Devil is one helluva fun-yet-heartbreaking thriller, a throwback to when things were good... and evil.

“Matt Micheli continues to stake his claim in the horror genre with his latest book, Two Minutes with the Devil. This gripping coming-of-age tale set in the 1980s has all the chills and thrills you could ask for! Equal parts horror and heart, it could very well stand its ground next to classics like King’s It and McCammon’s Boy’s Life.”

Ronald Kelly, author of Fear and The Essential Sick Stuff


Droves of the rich and beautiful have invaded the small town of Brawlton, forcing out the many generations of good-natured, wholesome townspeople. On the outside, these new inhabitants seem to have it all, but they soon learn that there is more to life than Botox, silicone, and spreading rumors while sipping on over-priced martinis.
There's something lurking in the woods, and it is hungry for blood.

"With an intriguing, nihilistic depiction of the upper class that few authors outside of Bret Easton Ellis are capable of, Matt Micheli weaves a haunting tale of extravagance, betrayal, and bloodshed." - Patrick C. Harrison III, author of Grandpappy and 100% Match


Uninvited and unwelcomed, Dan’s estranged mother Margo shows up at his doorstep moments before a freak snowstorm hits their small Texas town. The arctic storm comes fast and hard, trapping Dan and his wife, their teen daughter, and her boyfriend inside with the malicious old woman who seems hell-bent on destroying everything her son and daughter-in-law have built together. Long-buried family secrets are exhumed, causing tensions to flare and tempers to erupt. As things spiral out of control and anger consumes the household, inside is Hell. But outside in the snow there is something far more sinister. Something full of rage. Something violent. And that something has a taste for blood.

"A multi-layered thriller that'll chill your blood faster than a freak blizzard, Matt Micheli's The White proves there are scarier things than being trapped at home with family." - Jessica McHugh, Bram Stoker & Elgin Award nominated author of A Complex Accident of Life and Strange Nests                                                                    


"A Halloween Story is a short, spooky thrill-ride that'll leave you leery of any kids in masks for many Halloweens to come!"

A Halloween Story takes you through 3 terrifying intertwining tales of chaos and bloodshed on Halloween Night as monsters, demons, and mask-wearing killers come alive in smalltown suburbia.

Be careful who you open the door for. Some trick-or-treaters may be after more than candy.


Early praise for Pornageddon

“Animalistic sex, porn addiction and visceral gore mingle perfectly in this tale of baby batter-coated insanity. Micheli’s characters and blood-splattered set pieces are every bit as fully realized as the money shots, making Pornogeddon a book with as much heart as bodily fluids. I can’t recommend it enough.” – Jon Steffens, author of The God in the Hills series

"I went into this kinda blind, and almost immediately found myself wondering what have I got myself into. But it doesn't take long for you to realize Matt has a plan, and he executes it perfectly. I think the most important thing is the characters are well written, and three dimensional. It would have been easy to lean into the porn idea, and lose sight of the humanity of it all, but Matt does a great job of keeping the story on track. Pornageddon is an interesting and unique twist on the end of the world sub-genre." - Eric Butler, author of The Pope Lick Massacre and The Rest Stop

“Holy Hell - this book is wrong! It's rare to find splatterpunk with something to say these days, but this one says a lot. When I heard this was a showdown between Good and Evil set within the porn world, I knew I just had to read it. Micheli seems to have made it his mission (divinely inspired or not) to write a splatterporn version of The Stand, and I'd say he did a hell of a job. The scope is much smaller, (even the Bible is smaller than The Stand), but the roster of depraved villains and heroes in all shades of gray definitely hit all the right spots. Read this book, and spread the gospel of Pornageddon far and wide!” – Duncan Ralston, author of Woom and Ghostland

"HOLY.FUCK. Figuratively, literally, this one will have you sitting on the edge of your pew! God bless you Matt Micheli! For all that’s good and sacred; Read Pornageddon now." - Merrill David, author of Wicked Awake and Appendage

"I'm not sure if this book wants me to pray to God or porn—maybe both? Nothing I’ve ever read has delivered two so polar opposite themes within the same text, yet Micheli does it masterfully. So grab a bible and some lube and . . . Jesus, we’re going to Hell!” - Patrick C. Harrison III, author of 100% Match and Grandpappy

"This book proves that horror resides everywhere. Including religious settings. This book is not for anyone under 18 years of age due to some extremely sexual content, but Matt masterfully stays on task and creates a horror story you never knew you needed. I can't praise this story enough. Matt's character development is top notch, and you begin feeling for all characters involved. This is a must read!" - JL Foulk, author of The Group series



Matt Micheli is dark-fiction and horror writer out of New Braunfels, TX, author of PornageddonThe White, and Two Minutes with the Devil. He has several fiction and non-fiction pieces featured in various magazines and anthologies and is a multi-contributor to This is Horror, Horror Sleaze Trash, and Horror Tree. A loving husband and father to a daughter and Husky dogs, he spends his days dabbling in domestication and his nights in Tequila, always searching for the next great story. 



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